Device Information Portal with EPLAN

The 'Device Information Portal' is a manufacturer- and technology-independent solution for the distribution and management of device description files for industrial realtime networks. The EPLAN Data Portal is a web based data platform for the provision of current device data for automation technology in machine and plant engineering.

SAP Asset Intelligence Network is the leading Asset Repository. In the ongoing effort to expand the DI Portal, Hilscher as provider of the DI Portal and EPLAN as provider of the EPLAN Data Portal are working on a joint solution that brings added value to users of both portals. The portals contain complementary information for the commissioning of industrial production plants. The keyword to have in mind for this activity is the digital twin as a model for the as-is and as-planned structure of the plant.


An exemplary application for the combination of the solutions is being shown together with SAP already at SPS IPC Drives 2017. The SAP Asset Intelligence Network scans with the assistance of the Asset Intelligence Network Connector on the Edge Gateway from Hilscher the plant network topology continuously. Possible changes, for example the installation of a new sensor, are automatically detected by the netIOT Edge Gateway. If the wrong sensor is installed, the system will give a notification. The digital twin in the SAP Asset Intelligence Network will therefore be automatically in line with the real world.


In this way the plant can be optimised over the whole life cycle. Even in a service case the maintenance staff has direct access to wiring information in the SAP Asset Intelligence Network. If a sensor fails the maintenance staff can utilise the EPLAN viewer provided for the EPLAN Data Portal. That way, the maintenance staff has access to all information from the point of view of automation documentation to troubleshoot efficiently. This further decreases maintenance cost.



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