'Fast & Easy' - The shop floor integration solution from Hilscher for the SAP Asset Intelligence Network

Hilscher announces the product launch for his integration solution based on netIOT to the SAP Asset Intelligence Network at SPS IPC Drives in Nuernberg. From this point onwards, sales is made directly via Hilscher.

The device and process data pre-processing from the shop floor for business applications in IT infrastructures, is the general strength of the netIOT Edge Gateway family. The data and function access is realized via standardized software interfaces and will be translated into IT-Standards (OPC UA, REST). In close collaboration with SAP, Hilscher has now developed a native interface for the netIOT Edge Gateway to the asset structures of the SAP Asset Intelligence Network. The device description interpreter, integrated in the Edge Gateway, ensures the identification of all devices, which were found by the topology recognition feature, developed by Hilscher.


In the first step, the priority was placed on the analysis of PROFINET networks. However, further protocols such as Ethernet / IP are already in preparation. The powerful netIOT Edge Gateway family benefits in sense of innovation and development speed by the decades of experience, Hilscher has in the field of OT protocol stack development for the netX chip family. The SAP Asset Intelligence Network supports operators of these installations, machine- and component manufacturers in terms of management and maintenance of the assets in a collaborative manner. In this way, maintenance plans and strategies, task lists, documentation and updates of each component (asset) can be exchanged, which is significantly reducing the risk of failure during operation. The objective of the SAP and Hilscher joint development was to enable customers for digitalisation of a authorized OT assets infrastructure and the recognition of deviations between the actual and the digitalized infrastructure in the SAP Asset Intelligence Network. Faulty or unauthorized electronic components can be identified and exchanged at any time. Additional trend analysis methods enable a proactive maintenance management instead of the usual reactive maintenance measures, in order to increase productivity.


The showcase 'Nonstop - From shop floor to the Asset Intelligence Network' will be presented live on the SPS IPC Drives in Nuernberg on the SAP booth in hall 6.


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