Experience I4.0

netIOT Starterkit

By uniting all netIOT Technologies, this micro-test bed offers an easy access to our vision of “Industry 4.0”. The Kit provides all the necessary components to realise a communication from the field level into the cloud.

  • Real entry into the Industrie 4.0 - fast, easy and risk-free
  • Integrated application with connection to the Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Testbed for your own IoT components
  • Support & Updates via netIOT.com
  • Enabling technology for your own developments
  • Complete system with software, netIOT Edge-Gateway, PROFINET-system with CODESYS-PLC, 4 I/O-modules and IO-Link Sensors

Experience Industrie 4.0 quickly and safely - netIOT Starterkit

Make your own experiences with Industrie 4.0 - quick and without any risks. The netIOT Starterkit simulates production processes according to our vision of "Industrie 4.0 and Industrial Internet" and introduces a seamless communication from the sensor to the cloud and IT infrastructures.

After all, if you do not actively deal with IIoT, you need to rely on second-hand expertise and cannot get a clear picture of the consequences for your own production processes. This applies to device manufacturers as well as plant construction and engineering, which have to provide the data for the software modules in the IT architectures.

How can you get practically involved in such a complex subject without risking big investments? Hilscher has developed the netIOT Starterkit, a complete system that offers the entire process, from the sensor to the cloud, in a compact form. This makes the netIOT Starterkit the ideal micro-testbed for automators and IT specialists to explore the possibilities of both worlds: IT and automation.

Complete automation system in compact format

The Hilscher netIOT Starterkit contains a complete mini-automation system consisting of:


  • netIOT Edge Gateway "On Premise"
  • CODESYS-PLC with PROFINET Controller
  • Workstations with PROFINET and IO-Link
  • Simulated production system from sensor to cloud
  • Additional application notes on netIOT.com


The netIOT Edge Gateway queries information from the PROFINET modules - acyclically and parallel to the PLC cycle - via OPC UA. The netIOT Edge Gateway can be freely configured via the web-based netIOT Control Panel. There is also software for creating and testing a cloud application. The whole system is delivered ready-wired on a compact unit, so that it can be used immediately.

The Technical Overview,the Documentation, and the Getting Started currently exist exclusively in German language.

The English translation is coming soon.