What is netIOT?


"We don't know your business models of tomorrow, but we can already provide you with the technology you need for it today."

Hans-Jürgen Hilscher, CEO


netIOT includes the interface in the field device, the Edge-Gateway and secure communication from the I/O link sensor into the cloud.


Real-Time Ethernet systems have replaced fieldbus technology. They connect intelligent components with the controller and further, via the cell level, with control and company levels.  Parallel to hard, real-time communication, these systems allow for time-uncritical transmission of TCP/IP or UDP telegrams via the same cables. The Industrial Internet uses this for the transfer of information via MQTT. In the case of Industry 4.0, the OPC UA protocol is frequently used.  The Edge-Gateway forwards this information to the cloud via specific services and makes these applications available for access worldwide.


This information level will establish itself without side effects and in parallel with the control level – vertically and horizontally across all intelligent sensors, actuators, I/Os and further automation components. The expert opinion today is no longer “whether” but “when” this will become a reality.


With Hilscher’s netPROXY technology, the manufacturer defines the device data and passes it on to the netIOT Interface. Here it is mapped to various Real-Time Ethernet systems and transmitted to the controller. Parallel to this, webservers, MQTT or OPC UA allow access to the device data transmitted into the cloud from the Edge-Gateway. The netIOT Interface automatically integrates sensors with an I/O link interface in this functionality. A netIOT implementation in the device enables communication via various Real-Time Ethernet systems and provides access to the cloud via the Edge-Gateway.



With the existing communication infrastructure, Industrial Internet and Industry 4.0 information is transmitted without side effects and in parallel with Real-Time Ethernet data and collected, compressed and passed on to a higher-level cloud via the netIOT Edge-Gateway.

With this architecture, netIOT creates two main access points to the field level as a whole which are dependent neither on the network nor on a special controller: remotely via the cloud using Internet and firewall or locally via USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth directly at the Edge-Gateway.


The netIOT Edge-Gateway makes it possible for OEMs to configure and diagnose their devices, as well as access device and system data and optionally brand-label this via a customer-specific app. The device and system information as well as analysis and diagnostics programs are available in the cloud as a netIOT Service. This requires the corresponding security functions to be available and enabled. Our netIOT Edge-Gateway takes account of this with Intel’s Moon Island platform and its integrated security functions from McAfee.


This meets all the prerequisites for implementing future market requirements in new business models.


Industrial Internet / Industry 4.0 make it possible for manufacturers of automation components to develop devices and services that make life easier for the user and production more efficient. Those able to fulfill the wishes of their customers with greater ease and individuality with transformed or new digital offerings, products and services will be more successful in the future.