netIOT for device manufacturer

Hilscher paves your way to “intelligent” field devices and thus ensures end-to-end networkability for your components.

  • Implement your device solution with a high-performance Hilscher netX network controller or complete network module.
  • Report important telemetry data on your device in addition to classical I/O data via the IoT protocols MQTT and OPC UA.
  • Provide your customers with the foundation for cloud-networked data management.

The Industrial Internet and Industry 4.0 live on data. And acquisition has to happen at the data source: on the “last mile”, right in the field devices.

In view of the usual service life of intelligent sensors and actuators, today, netIOT makes it possible for device manufacturers to assure their customers that the technology for the Industrial Internet and Industry 4.0 is already integrated in their devices. Thus they can offer their customers the option of using the extended functionality of the cloud any time it is required or desired.

netIOT opens up a wide variety of opportunities to device manufacturers for integrating their own features and information functions in their devices without changing the functions required by the system controller or industrial Ethernet communication. This allows device manufacturers to differentiate themselves from the competition by integrating additional functions in the device software which can be accessed via IoT telegrams.

For manufacturers of larger automation equipment, e.g. large drives, new business models are possible that open up new offerings and clientele. The ability to access device data via netIOT, independent of the active controller program, makes it possible for such devices to also be marketed with leasing or pay-per-use concepts and reach new target groups with new investment models.

netIOT for plant construction and engineering

As a mechanical or plant engineering company, you benefit directly from the new IoT functionality of netIOT Edge-Gateways. All information belonging to the coupled PLC network can be accessed via the usual and cost-effective IT infrastructure. The diagnostics data and bus topology are read from the field devices by the Edge-Gateway and transmitted to tablets or smartphones with a WiFi connection via browser or app.

Starting now, you have the opportunity to deliver your machines with the basis for cloud connection that will be required for future automation.

From existing communication infrastructure to Industrial Internet / Industry 4.0 connectivity.

The familiar controller architecture remains in place and access to the higher-level cloud system, which is PLC-independent, is enabled at any point in the machine / plant. PLC-independent bus diagnostics can be made during commissioning and field device data can be directly accessed. Simple sensors can be precisely adjusted directly on site without any special coupling modules.

Consistent, manufacturer-independent diagnostics and commissioning systems run independently of the PLC used. Direct data transmission from the fi eld devices to the mobile device by means of IoT telegrams enables consistent processes despite different customer systems. Intelligent sensors connected to IP67 modules via I/O link allow for direct data querying.

Additional benefit is provided as a result of the functions for configuration and diagnostics of the netIOT Edge-Gateway. It is possi-le to communicate with sensors and confi gure them directly via the Edge-Gateway during system commissioning. This benefit gives mechanical and plant engineering companies such potential for optimization that, for this reason alone, using netIOT technology pays off. The basic functions of the connection to the cloud are available at all times - today and in the future.

netIOT for system providers


Intelligent connection and automation device interaction in machines and plants on a common data basis give IT system providers new opportunities for fast, efficient and considerably more flexible production.

One thing is certain: The Industrial Internet / Industry 4.0 will generate a multitude of interesting data from sensors and actuators at fi eld level – big data that then generates added value. Especially in the USA and Europe, proven technologies are available for IoT Communication with MQTT and OPC UA. Although the actual value creation is as a result of MES software and cloud software functions, the entire system can only generate added value if it has access to the field device data, independent of current controller cycles.


IoT Communication with MQTT and OPC UA supports extension of Real-Time Ethernet communication at field level. In the cloud, with IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP as well as Amazon, providers have established themselves with their platforms and will thus shape a multi-cloud landscape in the future. For Hilscher’s netIOT Edge-Gateways, there is already a connection to IBM’s Bluemix cloud platform.

The product line of netIOT Edge-Gateways will also support further cloud architectures in the future.


netIOT enables the use of further security mechanisms such as “Secure Boot” and end-to-end device identification. Data from the field level is made accessible to the system provider, simply and without complex software development. Cloud applications can use the extensive data to generate additional advantages for the user. The user has the security of a complete solution that has been coordinated and tested by Hilscher and the cloud platform provider. Many manufacturers of automation devices use the netIOT solution and are therefore able to benefit from cloud applications for the configuration and diagnosis of their devices.