RAMI 4.0 and IIRA

RAMI 4.0 und IIRA are reference architectures for the Industrial Internet / Industry 4.0 which have established themselves in USA / Germany.

RAMI 4.0

With netIOT, Hilscher supports RAMI 4.0 integration of reference architecture layers, communication and information. At these layers, netIOT mines, forwards and preprocesses data. In terms of hierarchical layers, the netIOT solution with the netIOT Interface product line covers the field device layer. netIOT Edge-Gateways are at the controller layer and, together with the offering of netIOT Service, send the information to the stations and higher layers. Consideration of the life cycle of products and systems is a key component in the RAMI 4.0 model. The fundamental differentiation between type and instance is a main element of this consideration.


RAMI 4.0 provides a powerful concept view


A gateway of an Industrial Internet system, on the one hand, forms a bridge to a higher-level or larger network and, on the other hand, isolates the local network with the corresponding communication nodes.

In actual practice, the Edge-Gateway ensures connectivity to the access network. This establishes communication to the access layer of the controller layer, on which all production-relevant software packages, e.g. “analytics” and “predictive maintenance”, are consolidated. This layer is connected to the company layer via the service network. The ERP functionalities and company-wide systems are united in this access layer.

IIRA: Industrial Internet Reference Architecture