How can software be updated on netPI?

There are two ways to modify netPI's system software disk partition in whole or in parts. With either method the unit will accept Hilscher signed software packages only. Both methods need manual user intervention to apply. Other automatic methods over the internet for example do not exist because of security reasons.


1. Resetting to factory default: This procedure needs a system software image of type recovery and a USB stick to apply to a netPI. You find the latest system software recovery image in the download section at The USB stick has to be FAT32 formatted and its volume name be renamed to 'RECOVERY' (all capital letters) to get recognized by netPI as a recovery stick. The provided image comes zipped. Unzip the file and copy the whole content to the root folder of your stick. Plug in the stick into any of netPI's available USB ports and repower netPI. During netPI's boot sequence the stick gets recognized by netPI's bootloader and the recovery procedure starts. netPI indicates the running procedure with the flashing ACT LED. At the end of the procedure ACT LED stops flashing and goes to state "on" for whole second and then goes to state "off" forever. netPI automatically shuts down and wait for a repower cycle.


2. Upgrading software parts: Use netPI's web control panel to apply selective software packages over the menu item "Package Manager". One or multiple packages can be selected, uploaded to netPI and installed one after the other. Those packages are installed with immediate effect not needing any reset.