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What is netIOT Service?

The netIOT Service products enhance the netIOT Edge-Gateway family in the areas of connectivity, diagnostics and edge computing. Various software products are available, in order to transfer analyzed device- and process data from the shop floor to business applications via standardized interfaces. The comprehensive selection of netIOT products, significantly simplifies the implementation of the fourth industrial revolution and ensures the continuous communication from the sensor to the cloud.

  • SAP Asset Intelligence Network integration
  • Shop floor Monitoring and Diagnostics
  • Process Data aggregation without changes of the PLC configuration
  • Edge Computing: Device-/Process-Data Analytics and Decision Management
  • An integrated REST API and the pre-installed OPC UA server can be used for IT-/Cloud-Applications

netIOT Connectivity

The netIOT Passive Fieldbus Connectivity feature is used for reading and processing shop floor data coming from PROFINET, EtherCAT or other networks. Since the netIOT Edge Gateway with this extension is able to interpret the complete network traffic on the RTE network in real time, no changes on the PLC are required. The isolation of the desired process data can be configured easily by a free available engineering tool. In order to get data access or for further processing purposes, Node-RED or the preinstalled OPC UA server can be used.

The native netIOT SAP Asset Intelligence Network Connectivity Client is connecting all shop floor network components with the SAP Leonardo based SAP Asset Intelligence Network in an easy way. Main focus here is the digital representation of existing shop floor facilities for Industry 4.0. implementations. The shop floor asset digitization is realized automatically by the integrated Device Description Manager and the topology detection of the Edge Server in the netIOT Edge Gateway. The resulting actual state of the installed base in the production environment can be saved now as reference in the SAP Asset Intelligence Network. By permanent synchronization of the device list in the net IOT Edge Gateway with the SAP Cloud Service, deviation compared to the cloud reference are detected and notified to the user immediately. Together with this new ecosystem, composed of the netIOT Edge Gateway and the SAP Asset Intelligence Network, plant operators, machine and component manufacturers can collaborate in new business models during operation and maintenance of shop floor components. For instance, maintenance plans, working advisories and documentation, as well as updates of each component, can be made available for all involved parties, whereby the risk of downtime during operations might be significantly reduced.


netIOT Diagnostics


A reliable shop floor network infrastructure is essential for the stable and safe operation of a production plant. The product netIOT Diagnostics enables continuous monitoring of the entire network. Important events such as imminent failure and other sources of interference are automatically detected and reported. The web-based dashboard provides easy access to important diagnostic information. At the same time, diagnostic data via REST API or Node-RED can also be processed automatically. This helps to minimize downtime and avoid consequential costs.


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netIOT Edge Computing


Not all real-time data aggregated „on the edge“ must also be forwarded directly to the cloud or enterprise application. Depending on the LAN/WAN availability and quality, it may also make sense to store data locally. The netIOT Edge Gateway family with Node-RED already offers a comprehensive toolbox for edge computing in the standard version. Thanks to the IBM Operational Decision Manager and / or the Time Series / SQL Database IBM Informix, the netIOT Edge Gateway can be enhanced significantly. By using dynamic rules, predefined processes can be triggered by the IBM Operational Decision Manager. The IBM Informix Time Series / SQL Database can act on the netIOT Edge Gateway as data source for the Operational Decision Manager. Additionally the database is useful to ensure a revision-proofed and timely documentation of all local events. All machine data are recorded here decentrally and all relevant events are written with a time stamp into the database on the gateway. This can be used at any time to understand which decisions have been made on the basis of which system states at what time. If necessary, extensive local investigations can be done as well.

Data Communication with Enterprise-/Cloud-Applications


The powerful netIOT Edge Server already provides all real-time information in the standard version via a REST API or the OPC UA server. In this way, all process- and device data aggregated from the shop floor are available for enterprise applications as a service-oriented architecture (SOA). Well designed interfaces accelerating the transformation toward Industry 4.0 and make the change to a better experience.


Function netIOT Edge Gateway
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netIOT Edge Gateway
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netIOT Edge Gateway
- On Premise -
netIOT Diagnostics
netIOT Passive Fieldbus Connectivity
netIOT SAP Asset Intelligence Network Connectivity Client
Operational Decision Manager
Time Series / SQL Database